To be known and valued for providing the highest standard of healthcare needs, as a result of our high standard of excellence, culture of innovation, and through our compassionate and client-centred approach to patient care.
To be uniquely defined as a dynamic company that provides health care services designed to address the changing needs of our clients and communities in a timely manner.
To maintain an organizational climate that will promote, motivate, and elevate the level of nursing care provided by our staff.

Management and Staff



The Director Mr. F. Wasarirevu holds a Higher Certificate in Mental Health Nursing attained through Wolverhampton University 2006/2007.  

He is also trained and certified in:

  • ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Understanding Depression and Low Mood in Young People
  • General Data Protection Regulation
  • Caring for Vulnerable Children
  • Management and Leadership
  • Creative Problem Solving 
  • Mental Health - Helping Young People with Anxiety

The Director together with Support staff are responsible for decision making and acting on such decisions, which are necessary for the achievement of the objectives of the organization. 


Support Staff

Key workers to young adults will be involved in the care planning and progress checking together with management, young adult's social worker. 

Qualifications and training to work with young adults is a standard requirement for all our staff. An enhanced background check is mandatory to all staff before they can be allowed contact with vulnerable young adults.

Housing provision

Who can access our services

- Vulnerable young adults 16-18 years old

• Unaccompanied young adults

• Emergency housing needs for young adults

• Respite services for young adults

Our Philosophy

We aim to empower young people acquire basic life skills to live an independent life, by providing them with the right support to reach their full potential. 

The company is founded on principles of integrity, reliability and trust. We are quality-driven, cost-effective, person-centred and strive to ensure our service promotes independence and positive outcome(s) such as: 

  • Network with other agencies and service providers to provide a holistic service 
  • Provide individualised programmes to meet client needs 
  • To provide housing support to a maximum of 2 clients in each property

Business Values 

• Adopting best practice 

• Continuous improvement to maintain high standards of service 

• Continuous staff training and development

• Safe working environment for clients and all staff 

• Promote inclusion and equal opportunities 

• Provide and maintain consistency 

• Break down barriers and encourage cross dimensional teams with staff


Quality of service

New Day supported living is a value-driven organisation that is determined to offer the opportunity and support necessary to encourage and enable personal growth, self-development and promote independence.

Our Excellence

New Day supported living has a legal obligation and is accountable for continually improving the quality of its services, safeguarding, and exceeding high standards of care, creating an environment in which excellence in care flourishes. 

To maintain service provision and ensure the safety of clients and staff, the organisation subscribes to three key attributes of good governance and these are: 

● Recognisably high standards of care 

● Transparent responsibility and accountability for those standards 

● An ethos of continuous improvement


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